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Town Properties Obtained with EHLT Support

East Haddam Land Trust (EHLT) has assisted the town in several major open-space purchases.  In 2007, EHLT was one of many civic, state and land preservation organizations that contributed to the purchase of the Patrel Preserve, an important 42-acre parcel on the Eightmile River.
In March 2011,  EHLT collaborated with the Town of East Haddam in the purchase of a conservation easement for 280 acres of the Dean property, the Town's purchase of the 135-acre Harris Property, and the Land Trust's purchase of 45 acres of the Bogan property soon to become part of the Moodus River Preserve (described under EHLT Preserves).

In 2013, EHLT contributed funding toward the Town of East Haddam's purchase of two additional properties, Pages and Zeiller, both of which protect land abutting Roaring Brook in the Whalebone Creek Watershed, which feeds into the Connecticut River.
EHLT has also contributed funds toward the protection of the Devil's Ridge portion of Devil's Hopyard State Park, the Eightmile River Wildlife Management Area, and Salem Land Trust's Darling Road Preserve.

Why do we share these costs?

EHLT partners with the Town of East Haddam an other organizations in land protection projects to help preserve specific blocks of land of environmental and/or historic importance. In some cases, EHLT's contribution simplifies the acquisition process by helping the town's contribution remain lower. EHLT's contribution to the 2013 purchase of the Pages property kept the Town of East Haddam's impact below $1 Million, an important threshold for legislative action.

Most importantly, however, having multiple land conservation organizations with ownership interest in a property is one of the very best assurances that the land can stay undeveloped in perpetuity.  Our contributions can help to ensure they remain wild and scenic for a long time.

Properties obtained through the Town of East Haddam's Open Space program are open to the public and maintained and controlled by the Town of East Haddam.  Click the link to the East Haddam Conservation Commission for additional information and trail maps for these properties.

The East Haddam Land Trust
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