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Big Trees Project

23 Feb 2017 12:09 PM | Joene (Administrator)

We love trees for all they do to clean our air, stabilize our soil, shelter our wildlife, feed our insects, shade our landscape, and soothe our souls. Amazingly, despite all the ways people alter the environment where we expect trees to grow, many trees mature into sizeable specimens. East Haddam Land Trust (EHLT) seeks to identify these through its Big Tree Project, and invites you to help.

The Big Tree Project wants to know about that oak, pine, dogwood, or other tree that seems particularly large compared with others of the same species. For example, a white oak trunk measuring more than 14 feet around or a flowering dogwood more than 2.75 feet in circumference at 4.5 feet from the ground is a big tree worthy of further investigation.

We urge anyone - a student or school class looking for a nature project, a family seeking outdoor fun, or an individual tree lover – to contact bigtrees@ehlt.org for more information on the Big Tree Project. We’ll help identify the tree species, and offer advice on how to search for Big Trees on open spaces, without stepping on the toes of private property owners.

The Big Tree you find may be large enough for mention in the Notable Trees of Connecticut website and database. The website highlights notable, historically significant, and champion trees by town and by common and scientific name. Alternately, your Big Tree may only be notable locally. Either way it deserves our appreciation and attention through EHLT’s Big Tree Project. Please join us!

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